Why Buy or Sell with Thurston Realty?

Thurston Realty is a locally owned company that has been in business in the Las Cruces area since 1998. 

The Broker Farrell Thurston has been on both sides of the closing table himself as a Buyer or Seller hundreds of times.  He has been a broker, builder and real estate investor since 1988.

Whether you are a Buyer or Seller, he knows exactly what you are going through.  Because he is a buyer and a seller himself, he never loses touch of the market, the current trends, or laws affecting Real Estate.  He is happy to share his experience with you, as a Buyer or Seller, to put the most money in your pocket possible based on the current real estate climate.  Click Here for Farrell Thurston's Resume.


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Tenant Selection Criteria

Thurston Realty is committed to upholding federal fair housing guidelines and equal housing opportunities.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, handicap/disability, familial status. sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, source of income, medical condition or any arbitrary basis. The following qualification standards will be required from every prospective resident. They are as follows:

  • IDENTIFICATION: All prospective tenants must present a valid state or other government-issued photo identification in order to view our properties.
  • RENTAL APPLICATION: A Tenant Application  must be completed and maintained for each adult applicant 18 years or older who will be living in the house/apartment and contributing to the payment of rent. Unless, one of the following applies:

    1. Applicant is 18 years or older and a full time student living with a legal guardian.

    2. Applicant is 18 years or older and is a dependant living with a legal guardian.

  • RENTAL HISTORY: Positive rental and/or mortgage payment history is required and will be subject to  verification on present and previous residence. A positive record of prompt monthly payment, sufficient notice, with no damages is expected. For applicants who are homeowners, permission must be granted to verify payment history with the bank or lending institution if there is a mortgage. Negative rental history is described as any damages owed and unpaid, rental related debt as described above within the past forty-eight (48) months, and/or evictions filed within the past eighty-four (84) months. Applicants with less than 24 months of rental history have the option of using a qualified co-signer/guarantor or pay 6 months rent before move-in date.

  • INCOME: Applicants must have a gross income source that can be verified and is at least 2.5 times the monthly rent of the house/apartment being leased. Acceptable income verification required may include (but it is not limited to) : 4 most recent consecutive pay stubs, a letter from the employer, the most recent W2, proof of government payments (such as welfare, social security, disability, etc), retirement income, investment income, bank statements, tax returns, etc.  Applicant will be charged for any fees charged by their employer to verify income and must be prepaid.  

  • BACKGROUND CHECK: Applicant will be denied if a criminal background check states criminal activity that may reasonably indicate the applicant's capacity towards criminal activity that may endanger life, property, or safety of other residents.

  • CREDIT HISTORY: We have the option of running a credit report.  An unsatisfactory credit report can disqualify an applicant from renting one of our properties.  An unsatisfactory credit report is one that reflects past or current bad debts, late payments or unpaid bills, liens, judgments or bankruptcies within the past "48" months. If an applicant is rejected for poor credit history, the applicant will be issued an adverse action letter containing; the name, address and telephone number of the credit-reporting agency that provided the credit report. Upon request a copy of the report will be issued to the applicant. An applicant rejected for unsatisfactory credit is encouraged to correct any erroneous information that may be on the report, and re-submit an application.

  • OCCUPANCY STANDARDS: 2 persons per bedroom

  • We work as quickly as possible to process your application.  While you may be approved, our properties are leased on a first approved basis.  Your cooperation in completing the approval process will insure that you are able to rent your first choice of rental dwelling.  If your first choice becomes unavailable due to the process of verification, we will make the next available comparable rental available to you.  In a busy market we often have more than one applicant for a property.

  • RESULTS: The results of the application may be: Accepted, Accepted with conditions (applicants may need to pay additional rent up front or get a co-signer/guarantor; co-signer/ guarantor must meet all criteria) or Denied.

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Guarantor/ Co-Signer

In the event a co-signer/ guarantor is required and permitted, he/she must complete an Application for Residency and meet all of the Resident Selection Criteria. A co-signer / guarantor will be fully responsible for the Lease Agreement if the occupying resident(s) default.

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Application Process 

  • RENTAL APPLICATION: Each adult (ages 18 and over) must complete a separate online rental application by selecting "Apply Now" on top bar at www.thurstonrealty.com. Please include all residents names in the box labeled "Names of Occupants". All spaces must have something written in the blank or the application will not successfully submit. Inaccurate, incomplete or falsified information will be grounds for denial and may be grounds for breach of any lease you may sign.
  • AUTHORIZATION FORMS: Sign/ Date the "Landlord Authorization" & "Employer Authorization" form. This form can be found on the top bar at www.thurstonrealty.com under the header "Documents and Forms". 4 consecutive pay stubs can be sumbitted in lieu of the Employment Authorization form. Email the signed forms to office@farrellthurston.com or fax to 760-825-8857.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Send a copy of your state issued drivers license to office@farrellthurston.com or fax to 760-825-8857.
  • PET VERIFICATION (If requesting pet approval): Clear photo of each pet, proof of spay/neuter, current shot record, brief description of pet, city registration ID. Email the documents to office@farrellthurston.com or fax to 760-825-8857.

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Pet Policy

Pets are allowed on an approval baisis, two approved pets max. Applicants will need to provide: current shot record, proof of spay/ neuter, clear photo, description of pet and city registration ID.

  • PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES: 530-532 Burk, 801 Espina and 605 Almendra
  • Applicants are required to request approval for ALL pets. Once pets are approved applicants must complete, sign and submit the "Pet Policy Addendum" and pay pet rent & deposit(s) for all approved pets prior to housing them on the property.
  • Acceptable pets include dogs, cats, small caged birds, small caged mammals and fish. Livestock, farm animals, poisonous, dangerous, or exotic animals are prohibited.
  • A refundable security deposit of $250 will be charged for the 1st pet and $75 for the second.
  • Pet rent is $25.00 will be billed per pet, per month.
  • Some of our properties have breed restrictions per our insurance company, please check with the office concerning dog breed restrictions. Restrictions are as follows but not limited to; Pit bull dogs (officially known as Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog, or American Pit Bull Terrier), Doberman, Wolf-hybrids, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Presa Canerio, English Mastiff, Akita, Chow Chow, Argentine Dofo (Argentinian Mastiff), Shar-Pei, or dog partially bred with the preceding breeds.

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Renters Insurance

The Landlord recommends and strongly encourages you to obtain Renters Property and Liability Insurance prior to moving into your new rental residence. The property insurance policy does not cover your property or liabilities.

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Normal Wear & Tear

From New Mexico Law

"normal wear and tear" means deterioration that occurs based upon the use for which the rental unit is intended, without negligence, carelessness, accident, abuse or intentional damage of the premises, equipment or chattels of the owner by the residents or by any other person in the dwelling unit or on the premises with the resident's consent; however, uncleanliness does not constitute normal wear and tear;

The law requires the landlord to pay for ordinary wear and tear. Normal use of the property by the tenant and guests of the tenant is not something the landlord can claim as damages. However, the tenant must pay for accidental damages done to the property. If the landlord can prove that the tenant intentionally damaged the property, the tenant may be charged for the cost of repairs, plus two times the monthly rent as a penalty. Wear and tear does not include cleaning made necessary by a tenant's failure to clean when moving out or other failure to keep the rental unit clean. A tenant’s obligation to clean generally includes sweeping and washing floors, shampooing carpets, disposing of all trash and making sure that the kitchen, bathroom and all appliances are properly cleaned. The tenant should take pictures when moving in and moving out to show the condition of the rental. Pictures should include the tops and insides of sinks, stoves, cabinets, refrigerators, and toilets. Having a witness look at the place at move-out time is helpful, too.

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Farrell Thurston's Resume


Business Experience

New Home Subcontracted Consultant for Thurston Homes (1993 - 2002)

    Las Cruces, NM 

          Sales, Marketing, and Construction Supervision consultant for Ken Thurston


Building World Thurston Realty LLC - Real Estate Broker (est. 1998 - presently operating)

    750 S. Solano Dr., Las Cruces NM 88001

            Real Estate Listing, Sales, Investment and Management


Farrell Thurston Construction LLC - Contractor (est. 2002 - presently operating)

    750 S Solano Dr, Las Cruces NM 88001

            New Homes Construction, Remodeling, Development


Twice The Space LLC  - Self Storage Managment (est. 2015 - presently operating)

    750 S Solano Dr, Las Cruces NM 88001

             Rents self storage and office space


Professional Accomplishments / Awards

Showcase of Homes, Committee Chair 1996

Las Cruces Association of Realtors, Board Member 2002 - 2004

Las Cruces Multiple Listing Service, President 2003

"1996 Associate Member of the Year" Award from Las Cruces Home Builders Association

"2011 Builder of the Year" Award from Las Cruces Home Builders Association

Las Cruces Home Builders Association, Board Member 2010 - 2012

Las Cruces Home Builders Association, President 2011


Long Term Rental Experience 

Thurston Realty has been renting properties with an average occupancy rate of 90% since 2000.  Thurston Realty only manages properties associated with Farrell Thurston.  Long term rental properties are currently managed in the following locations:  Las Cruces, NM; Hobbs, NM; Tucson, AZ; Las Vegas, NV.


Short Term Vacation Rentals Experience

Thurston Realty has been managing vacation rentals since 2015.  Thurston Realty only manages vacation properties associated with Farrell Thurston.  Thurston Realty manages four vacation properties in the following locations: Molokai, HI; Las Cruces, NM; Mesquite,NV.



1991 Utah State University, BS Marketing, Magna Cume Laude

1998 Norris School of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker

2016 King Schools, Inc., Private Pilot

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